A Coffee Love Affair

coffee-beans-759024_640I remember my first ever coffee. Instant with three sugars in it and I still found it so bitter and just plain nasty! I wouldn’t have believed you then if you’d told me that one day it would be my favorite drink, and that I would spend a big chunk of my life actively seeking out new types of coffee and experimenting with preparing it. No meal, dinner party and especially morning are complete without! So why do I love it so much?

After my teen years experience of hating it, I still thought coffee was kind of cool so I pretended to like it (sad, I know) but eventually the bitter taste became bearable before even becoming pleasurable. Barista style coffee was just starting to reach high streets everywhere and the obsession we all seem to share with it was really starting to kick off, and I’m glad it did. I remember once seeing a graphic on a coffee shop wall describing the ‘coffee belt’ and everywhere coffee grows, the different characteristics and tastes and amazing places from which coffee was sourced. As I got older and started to visit places (particularly Asia) I found out that different people experienced coffee in a different way, and the whole mythology of it took me.

Nowadays I’m one of those people who needs their coffee in the morning before I even THINK about going out and facing the world, I derive a lot of comfort from the warmth and beautiful tastes of the coffee, and there is something almost meditative about the repetition of sitting and drinking it in the morning. Caffeine is something that I am a little ashamed of my need for, but what better way to get it than through a beautiful cafetiere or barista coffee. If I’m out, I’ll support independent coffee shops as much as I can and love to experience the different tastes.