How to Keep Meals Interesting and Not Get Bored of Your Food!

meals-725568_640When planning meals, whether for your family or for anticipated guests, you always want to know How to Keep your meals Interesting. For example, you’ll be able to plan a brilliant meal that’s constantly appetizing than a boring one. Most foods start out seeming vibrant. It’s possible for you to keep them that way if you follow some general rules in meal preparation so they don’t get boring after eating them a few times.

To add interest to the meals you might be preparing, attempt to use the following principles:

1) Select foods that make appealing color blends. If the food itself has small color, plan to add a garnish for example parsley, lemon, or fruit slices.

2) Prevent repeat of flavors in a meal. For example, attempt to prevent serving tomatoes as soup, salad, and sauce all in an identical meal; or apples in the form of a drink, salad, and pie in a single meal.

3) Select flavors that mix. Some favorite go-togethers are roast pork and apples, turkey and cranberries, and lamb and mint jelly. Serve light (or relatively boring) foods with highly seasoned or strong-flavored foods. For example, the boring taste (on its own) of spaghetti goes nicely with a highly flavored sauce.

4) Avoid repetition in the foods served in a meal. For instance, meat balls, potatoes, and whole tomatoes are ball shaped. Meat balls, mashed potatoes, and diced tomatoes supply diversity and more in the way of fun in exactly the same meal.

5) Differ the preparation process for each meal. For instance, add a crisp, fresh salad to an oven meal made up of meat loaf, potatoes, tomatoes, and pie. Avoid serving a meal in which all the foods have now been fried or all have been creamed.

Provide variety in the temperatures of the foods served. The hot food would be enhanced in this regard by the inclusion of cold salad and ice cream on the pie. Except in really hot weather, an all-chilly meal has more allure when served with a hot drink for example hot chocolate, coffee, or hot soup.