The Kitchen Appliances I Couldn’t Live Without

victorian-kitchen-770286_640Today, I’m paying homage to my kitchen appliances. This may not sound like the most glamorous of subjects, but when I realized just how reliant I am on having certain things in my kitchen, I wanted to share it with my readers. Everyone has their different rituals, I often get to work from home and revisit my appliances through the day…

Regular readers will know I love my coffee, and I have to start the morning with a coffee. I got my Brew and Go coffee machine for home use, which is a bit unusual as most people grab it and go. If I have a meeting then I do that of course, but I tend to use it in the house too. Brew and Go comes with a takeaway cup but it doesn’t matter what cup you use of course. I tried pod coffee machines and more, but it didn’t really work for me, the taste isn’t as good as just a solid filter coffee, this drip coffee maker did the job perfectly.

Next up is my foodsaver. This isn’t glamorous, but I love it, it saves me a fortune! Foodsaver make a lot of good vacuum sealers and have changed not only what I do with food (waste less) but how I buy it. I can now go out and buy things in bulk and not worry about having to shift it all. Cash and carries even do things like meats so at the start of the summer I can stock up for bbqs and get everything in the freezer. The one I chose is designed for things like hunting etc so it is great for these kinds of uses.

Next up is my dishwasher. How predictable, it isn’t a fancy one. I’m not lazy, but washing dishes does my head in, I went for years after moving in on my own without even buying a dishwasher, but when I bought one and had it installed, it was worth it.

Another cooking appliance I use is my dry fryer. I like this not only because it is healthier in terms of fried food, and it doesn’t fill all the food with oil and other nasties, but often super oily food sometimes gives me heartburn and makes my stomach feel heavy. The dry fryer has helped me to avoid this.

As homes get smarter, so do appliances. Some of the fad ones I tend to buy and not use any more (such as my breadmaker, which is gathering dust somewhere) but some change the way you cook and store food forever, so I thought I’d recommend them!